Illuminated office wall sign for BLACKROC

BLACKROC, a multidisciplinary executive search & recruitment firm had recently moved into a new office in Adelaide Street and needed new office wall sign before their next in-house event.

The site visit and the sign brief

When we visited the guys to talk about the signage requirements,  we were welcomed by a very energetic, motivated team in a very modern, yet practical office that had just been completed, the signage was the last missing piece.

The client wanted an illuminated office wall sign that was bold and stood out in a large room, The desired signage size was 5 metres and this sign was definitely going to be a feature.  Their company colour is a very dark matt blue and we had the exact color match in our Pantone Swatch.

The production of the LED backlit sign

We lasercut the letters from clear acrylic material. Then spray painted the letters with the matt dark blue colour. The LED lights were fixed on the back of the acrylic  letters and we also needed to assemble and fix the letter wall mounts.

The installation of the office sign

After finally finding a carpark  in the heart of the CBD, our sign installation team unloaded and prepared the acrylic letters and tools ready for the installation.

On arrival, we gave the client our Joyprint Jellybeans which are always a hit and don’t last long 🙂
We placed the ready made stencil on the wall and marked up the letter mount location.
After some noisy drilling the acrylic letters were finally fixed to the wall and the lights were tested one by one.

We also provided the client with a remote control for the illuminated office signage so the guys can dim the light, change it to a flashing or pulsing mode. There is even a strobe function for disco parties. 🙂 They loved trying out all the lighting options!

Another successful Joyprint project with happy clients!

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