3D illuminated letters

Office signage - 3D brushed bronze

Property Developer Office Signage

Our client had relocated to a new office and wanted to completely refresh their image with very modern stainless steel signage. They needed bronze backlit 3D signage, 3D bronze table letters and bronze light boxes for their wall and letterbox. After looking at our colour charts, they hand picked a stylish brushed bronze for all the signage.

Illuminated Office Wall Sign for BLACKROC

Illuminated office wall sign for BLACKROC

BLACKROC, a multidisciplinary executive search & recruitment firm had recently moved into a new office in Adelaide Street and needed new office wall sign before their next in-house event. When we visited the guys to talk about the signage requirements,  we were welcomed by a very energetic, motivated team in a very modern, yet practical office that had just been completed…

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