One Way Vision Window Graphics

Increase your privacy and advertise at the same time. Compliment your fascia signs with our digitally printed perforated window film. The tiny perforated holes allow visibility from the inside, while anyone viewing from the outside will only see the window graphics.

What is a perforated window film?

A perforated window film or one way vision sign is a digitally printed vinyl with small perforations that allow you to see through the design from the inside but are an almost solid image from the outside.
These signs are placed on the external side of the glass and allow light to filter in whilst limiting visibility to the shop or car’s interior.

We tend to notice brighter colours over darker, so we don’t notice the holes when looking at a perforated window sign from the outside. When we look at the dark back of the vinyl from the inside, our eyes are drawn to the light coming through, enabling us to see through to the outside world.
This type of signage is cost effective and long lasting and is great for mobile businesses, vehicle windows, offices, trades and retail.

Features and benefits of using one way vision signage:

  • High visibility out of window – doesn’t block out natural light
  • Low visibility into window – privacy/security
  • Generally long shelf life
  • Generally inexpensive
  • Professional finish
  • Easy to install
  • Great promotional tool

If you are considering perforated window film for your business, please contact us today on 0402417811 or info@joyprint.com.au!

  • See-through from inside

  • Increase Privacy

  • Option for UV Protective Laminate

  • Full Colour Vivid Prints

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