Hoarding signage – PVC banners

The primary function of hoardings is to keep a site secure. Used on construction sites, retail outlets and shopping centres, our hoarding signage offers a great opportunity to promote your brand, draw attention to the development and create excitement about what’s coming.

Hoarding is basically a fencing system used to enclose a building site whilst construction works take place. They are typically temporary solid fence of panels which are made from timber, metal or composite panels. Hoardings are installed around the perimeter of a building or construction site and have vehicle and/or pedestrian access points.

Hoarding printing and building

Joyprint can design, manufacture and install a solution for your hoarding. Our experts can advise on the best type of hoarding signage for your project considering budget, timeframes and location.

You might be also interested in billboards, as their look is very similar to hoardings.

The Joyprint Team uses sail tracks to stretch your banner, so your print forms a beautiful, flat surface on the hoarding. We recommend anti-graffiti laminate on your banners to fix the negative impact of vandalism easily. You can read more about our anti-graffiti solutions.

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  • Durable

  • Excellent print quality

  • Optional anti-graffiti laminate

  • Cost efficient

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