Building Wraps – Large Building Banners

Building wraps, wall wraps and building advertising banners are the perfect solution for covering-up unsightly architecture, concealing renovations or displaying large-scale and eye-catching advertisements.

Locally, building wraps are as effective as a billboard but without the additional expense.  Your existing building is the perfect foundation for your marketing message, and custom building wraps are the most effective way to keep your brand in front of local residents and business executives.

Building Advertising Banners – A Stunning Solution

A building wrap is essentially a large-scale canvas that acts as a ‘skin’ around the structure of a building. Whatever the look of the building’s facade, one of the massive benefits of using building wraps is they leave a truly memorable and magnificent impression. Joyprint Australia can customise our products and services for each job and can feature any artwork required.

From simply elegant to simply stunning – create a permanent or temporary advertisement by wrapping your entire building with our specialty service.

Building wraps establish an imposing presence that reflects your brand and product quality. Effective, affordable and dynamic – building wraps allow you to be as creative as you like and to reach your target audience. Your message can be changed as often as you like by changing a part, or the entire wrap to reflect where you are in the development or marketing process.

Wall Wraps

Joyprint Australia has designed and installed building wraps on some large development sites across South East Queensland and we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products, attention to detail and high standard of service.

Our building wraps boast sharp, effective print reproduction, making them ideal for use on high-rise buildings and developments. We also have an in-house design team who have a real knack for creating impressive graphics for large-scale signage if you need additional assistance with creating your featured artwork.

Our highly experienced production team are always ready to execute the next project, and fast!

Contact us today on 0402417811 or info@joyprint.com.au for a quote!

  • Exclusive appearance

  • High Impact

  • Using Building Structure

  • Optional Anti-graffiti Laminate

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