Lightbox sign faces and shopfront signage for BUFFERINGZ

Cafe BUFFERINGZS had decided to do a facelift on their shop signs as they have been exposed to the direct sunlight and have become faded over the years. They contacted us for advice on the best signage materials and technologies.

Choosing the right signage solution

During the sign inspection, we agreed on using aluminium composite panel material for the shopfront signage. Instead of printing, we decided on producing computer cut vinyl lettering due to its durability. Measuring up the acrylic lightbox face was a bit tricky as its shape was unusual.

The previous cafe barriers were made of vinyl banner material and were faded and torn. We recommended aluminium composite panel sign inserts for these also, due to their strength and longevity.

The sign production process

We needed to use laser cutting technology to create the right opal acrylic shape due to its unusual shape. We printed the artwork on clear self adhesive vinyl sticker and applied it to the opal acrylic face. We then applied an extra laminate layer for protection to increase the lifespan of the sign.

The shopfront sign and the cafe barrier sign was made by using the same technology. We printed the graphics on white self adhesive vinyl, added an extra laminate layer and mounted them on the pre-cut aluminium composite boards.

The sign installation process

After removing the existing shopfront signs we installed the new aluminium composite panel boards using mechanical and chemical fixings.

We then installed the brand new lightbox faces. As all the signage was at a reasonable height and installed with ladders, we didn’t need any additional access equipment  and saved additional costs for the client. The new acrylic faces were the same size, so we just needed to slide them into the existing frame.

The cafe barrier signs structure was a bit worn out, therefore we replaced the sail tracks. After these minor alterations we fixed the new, more durable sign boards into the frames.

The client was very happy with the result, and we were provided with complimentary delicious coffee. 🙂

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