Anti-graffiti solution

Why protect your signage?

The evolution of digital printing has meant that your graphics can be easily printed and applied directly to your sign making it easier than ever to create high quality, professional looking signage for your business, however Graffiti and tagging on banners, hoarding and billboards is an unfortunate reality these days.

We strongly recommend using anti-graffiti coating to protect vinyl covered hoardings against graffiti, particularly when the hoarding is easily accessed and in an urban area. On large scale projects that will last 18 months plus there is a possibility that graffiti vandals will attack your expensive signs multiple times and then the cost of the coating seems relatively cheap compared to replacement costs.

This is hugely effective in areas of high vandalism activity. Rather than reprinting the entire sign or sections of it, it can be simply cleaned. Over the course of some projects, this would run into the tens of thousands.

How  to protect your signage?

To prevent the risk of costly effects of vandalism, we suggest you consider our quality, anti-graffiti coating which will protect your sign and extend its life by many years. Not only does the anti-graffiti offer the ability to easily clean graffiti off printed banners but it creates a beautiful finish that doesn’t effect the quality of the print.

Our anti-graffiti coating protect against graffiti vandalism and is also designed to protect from scuffing, scratching, UV, dirt, dust and grime. It will drastically increase the life of your banners and is also ideal for banners that are being constantly moved.

Features and Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Resists scuff marks, graffiti, gummy adhesive tapes and all stains
  • Easy to clean with water
  • UV protection and weather resisitant
  • Non-stick, slippery coating
  • Mildew and mould resistant
  • Durable
  • Non-sacrificial (does not lose its properties after cleaning)
  • Joyprint also offers a graffiti removal services for clients that have our anti-graffiti solution on signage produced and installed by us

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