Shopfront Awning Signage for TSG Tobacco Station

This project was a quick turnaround. The client needed two awning signs urgently as they were opening in a few days time.

Our sign installation team went on site to take  measurements and give their professional advice on what material to use.

The Sign Making Process

We agreed on making two aluminium composite panel signs. As one of the signs needed to be on the awning, we had to build an aluminium square hollow section frame to make it rigid and durable.

As Joyprint have in-house Graphic Designers, the client provided us with strict graphic design requirements for us to design from. All the colors and fonts were specified in the requirement so minimal time was needed on the design side. Once the client had approved our final e-proof, we started printing and laminating the artwork.

We assembled the aluminium frame in our workshop, installed the sign boards and carefully put it in the Joyprint vehicle.

The Awning Signage Installation

All the dimensions were accurate, once again the site measurement team has done a brilliant job. 👍 This is crucial  when we have an exact section of a wall to install a sign.

We set the right angle for the awning sign and fixed it to the existing structure.

The second installation was much faster as we only needed a few screws and some industrial grade adhesive to place it in position.

Another shopfront sign complete and another happy client!

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